Since its inception in 2015, the Temporary Room has been focusing on

the dialog, curating, and support of outstanding and inspiring young artistic Positions. 

The Temporary Room is above all, a promise for the future.

The Temporary Room is neither a gallery nor an association. 

The Temporary Room is a volatile independent time-limited art space.

The Temporary Room doesn't have a clear location. 

The Temporary Room is a nomadic space.


The Temporary Room task is to maintain the fundamental right voicing potent critique in periods of social and political crisis. 


The Temporary Room task is the search of a space that interacts with the exhibition as an independent value.

The Temporary Room necessities are the dialogue and therefore it is especially interested in the format of the group exhibition.


The Temporary Room is a testing multidisciplinary field.

The Temporary Room seeks collaborations by remaining a self-determined space.

The Temporary Room is a curatorial movement with and around the artists it presents/collaborates with.

© Alexandre Pinteau 

© Alexandre Pinteau